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Pieces Every Dallas Woman Has in Her Closet (or Needs To)

Contrary to what you might’ve heard, this isn’t just a town of cowboy boots and button-downs. Nope, Dallas has a casual-cool style all its own, and it starts with these nine pieces.


Days that start off chilly and end up “hot AF” aren’t out of the ordinary here. So we all know it’s best to be prepared with a cardigan that can keep you warm—until you’re too warm and need to shed it.


You want to wear a bathing suit (because it’s 104 degrees), but society insists we put on clothes to go to work. And hey, since we do fancy ourselves as true Southern ladies, is there anything more effortlessly elegant than a pretty lace number on a sweltering beautiful Dallas afternoon?


Despite what the rest of the country thinks, we aren’t going full cowgirl on the fashion scene 24-7. In fact, we prefer chic ankle boots to the type that you’ll find in a neighboring Fort Worth honky-tonk.


You know you’re friends with someone who always has an excuse to host a glitzy gala. So it’s essential that you have a showstopping party dress in the back of your closet to throw on and feel fabulous, even if you can’t remember what fancy event you’re even heading to


Throwing on a pair of strappy sandals adds some pizzazz to your look. If you’re strappy sandal-less, start with a nude, which goes with everything.