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Our Favorite Garden Trends of 2017

Spring has sprung, so we’re celebrating our favorite garden trends that are going to be huge in 2017. Some of these garden trends are brand new, and some are classics being reimagined for a new year. What will you be planting this year?

Explore Unexpected Shrubs

Boxwood is popular for a reason (many, in fact), but we’re seeing more surprising  shrubs come out of the woodwork in 2017. They bring exciting variety to yards and gardens. If you want to spice up your gardening style, replace your standby shrubs with clever alternatives, like rosemary, which, if you find the right variety, can grow to enormous sizes. It’s a statement shrub and oh-so fragrant.

Grow Edible Gardens

We love gardens that are as functional as they are pretty. Incorporate different types of herbs for a fragrant extension of your kitchen, and tend vegetables for the ultimate fresh-and-local food source. Have you thought of creating a pizza garden? Gather all the herb and veggie plants you would need to make pizza, organize them into groups with compatible water and sunlight needs, and plant them. Voila!

Find New Ways with Succulents

We all love succulents—they’re hardy plants that can survive the extremities of our Southern climate. They’re always a favorite, whether they’re incorporated in a container garden or in a pot on the windowsill. We’ve seen many ways to plant succulents, but 2017 is the time to get creative. The succulent garden trend this year is to plant them in unexpected ways—up a wall in a vertical planter, in mini pots clustered on a bar cart, or in bold color combinations.

Accentuate Pretty Paths

This year, it isn’t enough to put down stones and call it a garden path. The new trend is to scatter seeds of a pretty, colorful groundcover (such as mazus) between your stepping stones. Blooming groundcover adds vibrancy and playfulness to a garden path.

Develop Textural Contrast

A rapidly growing garden trend for this year is a focus on textural contrast. Creating interesting textural combinations in the garden is easy to do, and it has major visual impact. Juxtapose delicate blooming flowers with hardy evergreens of all different shapes and sizes to create dynamic contrast in your space, or try pairing whimsical single-stem flowers with hardier, low-lying plants below. Because of the way these plants develop and mature, there will always be something new to see in the garden.