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5 Stylish Combos for Summer Wedding

If you are the couple who is thinking to get hitched in summers, then you should be aware of some fantastic summer wedding palette. Choosing the perfect wedding palette is very important as it determines the vibe of your big day and broadens up your wedding decorations.  Moreover, an astonishing wedding colour scheme will surely make your big day to come alive.

The best part of having summer wedding is that you get a variety of colours to choose from. Pastels always look beautiful for a traditional wedding, they are deep and give warm accents. They give your wedding a fresh look. Avoid using the dark shades as they look moody and more likely the colours for fall and winter weddings.

Now, the essential tip which many of the couples often forget? That is, let the wedding venue guide you. If you are having a beach wedding then maximize the use of fresh flowers to add natural charm to the wedding or if you are a chic Boho wedding then opt for the vintage theme.

1. Beach Wedding

Pink and navy blue are the widely opt colour palette for the summer wedding. Mix fresh blooms of any pink flower like rose or lilies with orchids to give your beach wedding a charm. The next colour palette is orange and fuchsias. Couple some bright yellow flowers with natural fuchsias; this will add magic to your beach summer wedding.

2. Vineyard Wedding

If you are thinking of a vineyard wedding, then prefer a beautiful purple and green colour wedding palette. This stylish colour scheme will give your wedding a sumptuous look. The next colour palette for vineyard wedding is navy, silver and berry. These colour palettes are just perfect for a summer vineyard wedding, as they don’t require much water. And, they are great in humidity.

3. Boho-chic wedding

A boho-chic wedding is perfect for romantic and free-spirit lovebirds. The best-suited colour palette for a boho-chic wedding is blending of taupe, peacock blue, dried eucalyptus and sand. This beautiful colour palette adds all the natural elements of the wedding.

The next colour palette for a chic wedding is ruby red, marigold, eucalyptus, and sand. To give your boho-chic wedding a rustic look add some metallic colours like copper or bronze. These days, many couples are preferring to have a Boho wedding, and why not, they are just perfect and comes with the dose of instant happiness.

4. Vintage Wedding

The best colour for 2018 vintage wedding is ultraviolet. So pop up your summer vintage wedding by adding beautiful violet colour flowers. Prefer having the blend of violet colours with other bright colours like pink or red, it just looks astonishing.

Keep some burgundy colours at centrepiece to give your wedding a classy vintage look. Moreover, you can pair purple colour with green, abundant accents like succulents, pampas grass and even feathers to create an arrangement that looks dramatic and a little bit mysterious.

5. Traditional Country Wedding

The colour palette of classic weddings is usually a white. To give your white wedding a great look get some bright colour flowers like pink with a touch of silver – this will never go out of style! For the centrepiece, blooms go for garden roses, hydrangeas in pink and carnations in blue.

Additionally, no wedding is complete without the wedding return gifts. So, make sure to give your guests beautiful return wedding from which they can remember your wedding.

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